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What to know before hiring any lawyer?

Hiring an expert divorce lawyer, is the best way to dealing with your matrimonial cases but before hiring any lawyer you must consider few points such as: Experience, Expertise, Past Record and Reachability.

Experience: Experience is one of the very import points which you should consider Before hiring you should ask his/her experience. Your lawyer must be experienced and have a good knowledge in his/her Domain.

Expertise: You must know Expertise his/her expertise because these days lots of lawyers available but we don't know how many are really good at their job. What is their expertise is he good in property or in family case if you will know their expertise that will be easy to take decision.

Traceable record: Traceable record also helps us to know about lawyer. how many cases, he/ she has won? Is he good in his work or not?

Reachability: lawyer should be easily reachable so that whenever you want to talk to your lawyer you can contact him/her easy.
Divorce is not an easy step which break us emotionally your lawyer should understandable and provide proper guidance which can help in your case.

Now Question arise how you can find the Best Divorce lawyer who stand beside you.
Hera is a quick solution to find an experienced advocate that is Law n equity.
Here we have gathered list of lawyers with all the key feature which is essentially to hire any lawyer because the right lawyer can fight your case properly and he will try his/her best to get you Justice.

but a low experienced lawyer can destroy your case also we don't come in these territories regular so we don't know who is right or con man.

With the help of Law n Equity you will be able to find experienced lawyer whom you may consult to file or defend your Divorce Case, /mutual divorce petition, contested divorce, alimony, domestic violence (DV), interim maintenance, 125 CrPC, dowry harassment u/s 498a, women cell complaints or any other related matters.

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